Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


A yoni egg is a semi-precious stone intended to be placed inside the vagina to strengthen & awaken the vagina & pelvic muscles.


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All yoni eggs are drilled, which means you can thread string through the egg to easily remove it as well as apply resistance on the egg while it is inside the vagina. Applying this resistance in combination with bringing awareness to the pelvic muscles creates significant & fast improvements in vaginal strength & sensitivity.

Rose Quartz promotes self-love, acceptance, & unconditional love. It is a beautiful stone to work with if you desire to connect with and heal your heart, support your circulatory system, and cultivate a loving connection with your yoni & sexuality.


  • Increasing internal sensitivity & pleasure
  • Reversing urinary incontinence
  • Increasing libido & sexual energy
  • Increasing vaginal circulation & lubrication
  • Becoming more orgasmic & experiencing stronger orgasms


Medium: 43 x 30mm (recommended for most beginners)


  • Made of 100% Pure Rose Quartz Crystal
  • GIA Certified
  • Drilled with a small hole for the option to use with string
  • Instructions for use in the brochure
  • Discrete packaging

Special Gift

Begin your Womb Healing Journey
Begin your Womb Healing Journey

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