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What is It?

Yoni Steaming, Vaginal Steaming, Chai Yok

Yoni Steaming, Vaginal Steaming, Chai Yok

Yoni steaming is a natural and holistic healing remedy that has been practiced by women and folks with vulvas for centuries! Cultures across the globe have steamed their vaginas with local herbs and flowers for fertility, postpartum healing, and to fight infections. Women who suffer from chronic diseases like PCOS and Endometriosis have also found some relief in yoni steaming.

Yoni Steaming is a herbal tea blend steeped in hot water. The dried herbs are awakened and their healing properties released into the water. Once slightly cooled to a temperature that is comfortable for the delicate skin of your vulva, you sit comfortably over the pot and allow the steam to open the pores of the labia to soak in the healing remedy.



There are so many benefits to Yoni steaming on a physical healing level. The ritual of a monthly vaginal steaming includes removing of old uterine lining, gentle cleansing of the vaginal canal and cervix, and a preventive measure for fibroids and cysts.


Overall Reproductive Health

Do you have an irregular period? It only comes every couple of months and maybe it last more then a few days at a time? Yoni steaming can support you in regulating your hormones so that your womb cycle regulates to a 24-36 day calendar. Yoni steaming has great benefits to your sex life! Women have found increased libido, healthier alternative to douching, Fights infections and increased Natural Lubrication. For those who experience menorrhagia, or heavy long periods steaming with astringent herbs can help with lightening your cycle and herbs high in iron and vitamin c can help replace iron loss.

Perinatal Wellness

Yoni steaming is also a great hydrotherapy for Perinatal wellness. Yoni steaming on a monthly basis can support fertility by creating a healthy clean bed of uterine lining for the fertilized egg to implant on. Although contraindicated during pregnancy, Yoni Steaming as a body therapy during postpartum can help heal tearing, help lose excess weight and support the healing of the vaginal canal. I also highly recommend yoni steaming for those who gave experienced pregnancy loss. Yoni Steaming can begin after you have completely passed the pregnancy and bleeding is minimum to non existence. This will help to begin regulating your cycle again, make sure all left over uterine lining is gone, and support with emotional healing.


Emotional Spiritual Healing

Like most holistic practices, Yoni steaming also heals the energetic/ spiritual bodies of our sacred space. Our reproductive system is nestled within the weaved muscular structure of our pelvic floor, its almost like a bowl in which we carry our traumas, creativity, wisdom, and dreams. We carry the joys, tears and hopes of our foremothers and the spirits of ancestors coming through to this realm.

Water, the conduit in which the yoni steaming heals through, has many spiritual and energetic healing powers. Water is the messenger as it carries memories from the beginning of time. In many religions water is used in baptisms to symbolize cleansing and renewal. Across cultures and sciences, the creation of life came from primordial waters and fetuses are formed in the amniotic fluid (a water like material) within the womb. In fact the womb and water carry a lot of energetic similarities. Water rules over emotions, intuition, psychic ability, love, fertility, lunar energy, and self healing. The Womb and the sacral chakra govern fertility, sexuality, sensuality, deep emotions and flexibility. I also don’t find it a mere coincidence that our womb cycles are the same number of days of the cycle of the moon. This is also why I highly suggest yoni steaming for those healing past sexual assualt, traumatic birth experience, pregnancy loss, or any other emotional blockages.

Ceremonial Approach

Ceremonial Approach

Light as a Feather approach to Yoni Steaming is one that is ceremonial and creates space for deep intuitive self care and self-discovery. Each appointment starts with a platíca in which I speak with you and your spirit guides on what brought you in that day, what your optimal womb wellness and healing looks for you, and any subconscious blockages that are preventing you from getting there. This is followed by preparing the yoni steam with your words and intentions. Speaking an affirmation into the pot will allow the steam to carry the word-sound-power vibration into the yoni and womb space. During the 40 minute Yoni Steam service, you will be guided through a transformative meditation and breathing techniques with sound bowls to heal the womb space on a cellular level. Practicing healing the womb through breathing can make a huge difference in the health of my ovaries, pelvic and nervous system. Some of my favorite breathwork activities during a Yoni steam includes, Ovarian Breathing,microcosmic breathing with focus on the root and sacral chakra, feminine alternative nostril breathing. Tea, weighted neck pillows, soft music and Young Living essential oils with dim lighting are offered during the service. Upgraded services to compliment the yoni steam includes adding healing crystals to your steam, intuitive tarot reading, or reiki service. Following the services many women choose to begin the 3 month Womb Wellness Coaching Program to deepen and continue the healing process.



Will it burn?

Yoni steaming should never burn! As a Yoni steam practitioner I monitor the heat of the steam throughout the entire service, so that you are comfortable and protected.

How does the steam get into my uterus?

Yoni steaming can help treat many things that aren’t in the uterus. Examples include multiple cysts on the external genitalia, areas in the vagina that need treatment or the bottom of the cervix which there’s a straight passageway for the steam to touch. The simple effect of relaxing the musculature around the reproductive system is therapeutic. Herbs included in the steam would absolutely get into the bloodstream. Because steam is literally only water it makes it even that much easier for it to permeate those membranes. After Yoni steaming on a monthly basis you will notice brown and black menses leaving the body which is a sign that steaming may actually be opening the cervical os. That old residue coming out -- that's your body healing itself! That's you getting better. Yoni Steaming is healing the endometrium without invasive surgeries that scrape the inside of the uterus. And you're getting rid of it in a way that's healthy and makes room for healthy tissue to regenerate. Literally, the warmth of the therapeutic steam relaxed the musculature and loosened up all those things that weren't serving. Yoni Steaming rituals helps you with creating a healthy period that is bright red in color!

There’s no scientific evidence that vaginal steam works?

That is right. There is no scientific evidence it works. And also, I have many clients who are glad that they began a yoni steam self care ritual. They steam monthly or even more regularly because they know from their own proof that steam works. It’s like acupuncture and many other Indegounous healing practices. There's also no "scientific" evidence that says that it works and yet how many people still seek out these services? They do it because it works.

If we want to make that argument, there's a lot of scientific evidence that things do work, and eventually they get recalled by the FDA after they've done years of damage.

The uterus is self-cleansing, so why would I steam?

The uterus and the vagina are self cleansing when they're operating optimally. But if there's any type of dis-ease or dysfunction in the cycle like clotting, brown blood, fibroids, cyst, trouble getting pregnant, then your uterus and your vagina are not functioning optimally. The object is to get your vagina and uterus to optimal health and wellness. Yoni steaming is a great therapy to facilitate the process to get them to that point. However if your vagina and your uterus are functioning optimally, you don't need any of these things. But there are so many uteruses that are not healthy and Light as a Feather hopes to remove the normalization of imbalanced yoni health.

Vaginal steaming is another form of vagina shaming

Steaming is really a therapeutic modality that addresses an imbalance in your reproductive system and goes far beyond feeling and smelling clean. The actual therapeutic modality, in and of itself, is designed to be healing, and there isn't anything about it that's shaming your vagina. Steam is actually treating your vagina to a wonderful experience, a self care ritual, a time to connect with yourself, to enjoy your vagina even more.

Vaginal steaming disrupts healthy flora and can cause infections or a pH imbalance

This is a possibility if you don't know what herbs you're using and you are steaming too long and too often. However, that's why you need to steam with someone who is certified and trained. I can help you with education around herbs that are actually beneficial, let you know how many times you should steam based on your womb wellness goals and how long each time. Infections, burns and ph imbalances are very real risk when you're operating outside of a trained professional. Yoni Steaming is a healing modality, and, as such, should be respected and conducted and performed by a certified professional. Literally, with vaginal steaming, it's water that is infused with herbs. That's why selection of herbs is so important and knowing how much of each herb can also change the outcome of the healing process. Each person is unique in what herbs and yoni steam regime will work for them.

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Begin your Womb Healing Journey

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