Yoni Steaming and the Energetic Healing of Our Sacred Space


There are so many benefits to Yoni steaming on a physical healing level. The ritual of a monthly vaginal steaming includes removing of old uterine lining, gentle cleansing of the vaginal canal and cervix, and a preventive measure for fibroids and cyst. It also feels amaaazzing, its like a warm hug for your vulva!

Yoni steaming is a natural and holistic healing remedy that has been practiced by women and folks with vulvas for centuries! Cultures across the globe have steamed their vaginas with local herbs and flowers for fertility, postpartum healing, and to fight infections. Women who suffer from chronic diseases like PCOS and Endometrioses have also found some relief in yoni steaming. The dis-eases didn’t go away but the warmth of the healing water and herbs helped with inflammation and relieving adhesion.

Like most holistic practices, Yoni steaming also heals the energetic/ spiritual bodies of our sacred space. Our reproductive system is nestled within the weaved muscular structure of our pelvic floor, its almost like a bowl in which we carry our traumas, creativity, wisdom, and dreams. We carry the joys, tears and hopes of our foremothers and the spirits of ancestors coming through to this realm.

Water, the conduit in which the yoni steaming heals through, has many spiritual and energetic healing powers. Water is the messenger as it carries memories from the beginning of time. In many religions water is used in baptisms to symbolize cleansing and renewal. Across cultures and sciences, the creation of life came from primordial waters and fetuses are formed in the amniotic fluid (a water like material) within the womb.

In fact the womb and water carry a lot of energetic similarities. Water rules over emotions, intuition, psychic ability, love, fertility, lunar energy, and self healing. The Womb and the sacral chakra govern fertility, sexuality, sensuality, deep emotions and flexibility. I also don’t find it a mere coincidence that our womb cycles are the same number of days of the cycle of the moon; or that so many of our foremothers were burned at the stake for their “witchy” ways of knowing and discernment (intuition).

The ritual of Yoni Steaming connects our cycle to the moon, increases our intuition, and balances the root and sacral chakra. The act of using steam to open the pores and blood vessels of our sacred space helps to open us up to deep healing of emotional wounds and traumas as well as re-awaken us to ancestral healing wisdom. Here is a list of practices to add to your monthly yoni steam ritual.


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