Become a Womb Wellness and Yoni Steam Practitioner


This Webinar is for you if:

  • Healing begins and ends with Us! When you decide to become a healer you are truly committing to doing the work to heal, undo, and face your OWN traumas, habits, and limiting beliefs! This webinar will be the guide on where to start.

  • You have the spiritual strength to be the light in this world because our mission is to nurture your inner Light
  • You see how many people are struggling with their feminine and/or masculine energy. YOu are ready to heal these wounds within our community ecosystems.
  • You are committed to doing this work for yourself and as a CAREER!

If you are (or aspiring to be) a doula/birth worker, health advocate, yoga instructor, holistic healer, or social worker and ready to learn more about how you can use your innate spiritual and energetic gifts to support others in their healing journey and make a living doing it sign up below!

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Womb Healing

For the Rebirth of the World