Womb Wellness Coaching: What to expect


Womb Wellness Coaching Whether its finding  peace with your birth story, living more in harmony with the ebb and flow of your womb cycles, to trying to conceive, or creating lifestyle changes to better manage chronic illness of the reproductive system, womb wellness coaching is for you!

What is Womb Wellness Coaching?

So what exactly is Womb Wellness Coaching? For starters Health and Wellness coaching helps clients find an inner  vision for themselves when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. Once the vision is set, coaches support you in creating  tangible goals, creating healthy habits, positive reinforcement and developing a healthy mindset. Light as a Feather Womb Wellness Coaching program helps clients develop step by step plans to help them with:

  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Menstruation & Fertility
  • Increase Body Wisdom
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Wellness

My coaching practice takes a holistic approach, therefore I integrate mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing within my coaching program.


What Coaching is Not


A wellness coach is not a personal trainer, dietitian, nutritionist or physician. We are not therapist trained to work with clients psychological disorders.  However each coach may have various and unique degrees of knowledge that they bring to their practice.  In my coaching program I use my bachelor degree in Alternative Health Care and my certifications as a yoga and mindfulness instructor, Reiki master, and full spectrum doula to support my clients on their womb wellness journey.

Who is Womb Wellness Coaching for?

The women and people with wombs who work with me gain tools to create a healthier more balanced reproductive health life, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Examples of common health and wellness goals that are sought out in my practice includes: fertility, regulating hormones, healing maternal lineage through mindfulness, self-care and stress management,  lifestyle changes for living with reproductive chronic illnesses, increasing libido and confidence in sexuality, perinatal health goals.


Is Womb Wellness Coaching For you?

Here are a few statements that may apply to you:

  • I would like to regulate my period
  • I am trying to get pregnant
  • I am living with a reproductive chronic illness
  • I would like to increase libido
  • Creating a healthier self esteem and more self love  is important to me
  • I would like to live a more spiritually satisfying life
  • I am pregnant and need support in preparing for birth
  • I just had a baby and need support balancing my new life
  • I would like to increase a sense of pleasure in my life

If any of those statements resonated, Womb Wellness Coaching is for you! For a limited time, I’m offering Free 30 Minute Clarity calls for those wanting to learn more about my personally catered wellness coaching program. Book your appointment HERE!


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Womb Wellness Coaching: What to expect

Womb Wellness Coaching: What to expect

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Light as a Feather values the natural rhythm and harmony our bodies align with when we listen and care for our bodies physical, spiritual and emotional needs for childbirth.


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