Womb Reiki: Energy Medicine for the Female Reproductive System


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In all the ways we are stuck, hurt, traumatized, and grieving is held energetically in the uterus and the pelvic bowl. As women  we carry our heaviest emotions in this space and when gone unhealed, can manifest into physical imbalances and dis-eases. In many cases most of these unresolved hurts we carry are not just our own. When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, your mom had all the eggs she would carry in a life time, and one of those eggs made you; So essentially, you were carried within your grandmothers womb. Many of the traumas and unhealed emotions of our foremothers are passed through the womb in this way. This is where womb reiki and energy healing can step in!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the use of the universal divine energy that is channeled through the hands of the practitioner to positively manipulate the energetic field, the aura, of the person receiving the service. The ancient practice of reiki aids in the bodies natural healing process and can assist in developing emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Each practitioner of reiki has their own special gifts, education and talent that they bring to the healing session. Common practices includes: Singing bowls, crystals, channeling spiritual entities, body talk, and more.

Why Womb Reiki?

Womb reiki takes the practice of Reiki and works specifically with the reproductive system and womb center. The benefits of womb reiki includes: releasing cords of past lovers, increase clarity/ gut intuition, spark creative energy, revitalize sensuality, and remove energetic/ emotional blockages that may cause physical disharmony. Those with chronic illness of the womb like endometriosis and PCOS also find temporary physical relief after this energy medicine. Womb reiki has been sought after by those with pregnancy related healing like infertility, miscarriage, abortion support and postpartum healing. But for those who have no desire for pregnancy or medically cannot conceive, womb reiki has supported them through hysterectomies, heavy, absent or irregular periods and endometrial ablations.

What to expect in a Healing Session

In a womb reiki session with Light as a Feather, you can expect to start the session off with a 15 minute discussion and intention setting. During this time we talk about what called you in for the service, what you hope to begin to heal from and how I can support you as a guide and wellness coach.  During the actual reiki session, you will be taken on a guided meditation to ease into a more relaxed state, the session is accompanied with aromatherapy, sound healing, crystal therapy and the possibilities of a spiritual messages channeled from your maternal ancestors and guides. After being grounded back into the body, you will leave with a suggested ritual to continue your healing at home. A womb reiki session is suggested to be done quarterly or during/after a major life transition (ending of a relationship, birth, pregnancy related loss, surgery, etc.)


Become a Womb Warrior!

Do you have a passion for womb healing for yourself and others? Are you ready to step into your innate healing gifts and support women, femmes and womb carriers on their path of healing and liberation? If you are ready to begin your journey in healing and light work, sign up for our newsletter for upcoming classes and workshops! 


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