What Should My Vagina Smell Like? How to Take Care of Your Vaginal Flora for Ultimate health and Wellbeing


It’s time to set the record straight when it comes to our vaginal hygiene. Vaginas are indeed suppose to have a smell. That smell won’t remind you of a tropical fruit smoothie, or a walk in a garden in June. Your vagina smells like the good bacteria filled; self cleaning body part it suppose to be.  Imbalances in your yoni and lifestyle like Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis, introduction of new sexual fluids (new sex partners) or the use of non-organic sanitary napkins can alter the smell of your vaginal flora. Stress and diet also play a big part of the wellbeing of your sacred space.

Capitalism rooted in cis-het patriarchy uses media and product sales to make people with vaginas feel awkward or embarrassed by the normal functions of their sexual organs.  From vaginal wipes, sprays, washes and douches that carry chemicals, fragrances and psuedo- estrogen ingredients; society tells use that the caretaking our vaginal flora is for the appeasement and satisfactions  of others and can be found in a colorful bottle on the shelf of your nearest drug store. But our vagina health is deeper than that. Its our gut health and diet, hormonal balances and our relationship to self and others. Besides cleaning our vulva with unscented gentle soap, and practicing safe sex here are other ways to keep your vaginal flora in tip top shape.

Diet: It’s more than fruits and vegetables

Many women seek the support of living a vegan lifestyle for keeping up with a healthy a vagina. Eating fruits and vegetables; removing dairy, simple carbs and sugar can help prevent yeast infections but what most diets are lacking are probiotic enriched foods.  Probiotics help to feed and increase the amount of good bacteria in our gut and vagina, which ultimately governs the smell of our vagina. You can increase you daily probiotic intake through eating fermented foods like kimchi, miso, pickled vegetables or taking probiotic supplements.

Hormonal Harmony

Keeping our hormones in harmony with their natural ebb and flow of our cycles can also have a positive effect on our vaginal flora. There is a natural increase of Estrogen in your body during the first 14 days of your cycle. Women with lower amounts of estrogen (usually those growing closer to menopause) may find lack of vaginal moisture. Those who produce more estrogen, are at higher risk of yeast infections.  This is because an increase of glycogen production creates a breeding ground for yeast infection. Try making simple changes in your cleaning supplies and refrain from vaginal intercourse and add Boric Acid vaginal suppositories during a breakout.

Get Tested!

Very strong vaginal stenches,yellow or green discharge, and skin sores can be a few signs to STI’s and most are treatable. Its important that you make yearly (more depending on your sexual activity) to your gynecologist or local clinic. Some STIs are self treatable and some may need extra attention. Untreated STI’s can lead to more serious chronic conditions.

Emotional Wellbeing

This wouldn’t be a Light as a Feather blog post without speaking on the importance of our emotional wellbeing In terms of our vaginal care. Louise Hays speaks extensively between the relationship of our physical bodies to our emotional/mental health.  She suggest that persistent yeast infections is correlated to denying our own needs, and not supporting ourselves. Vaginitis may be connected to deeply held guilt around our sexuality and denying yourself  pleasure.  Along side seeing your doctor and making lifestyle changes to help prevent and heal vaginal flora disorders, try journaling and checking in with your emotional health with these journal prompts and affirmations:


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