What is a Fertility Doula?



Have you been trying to conceive or working through family planning? Are you an individual living with chronic illness that makes fertility a struggle? Looking to add a more holistic approach to fertility? Needing emotional or spiritual support after A loss/miscarriage? Needing support in navigating the world of IVF?  Wanting to experience more pleasure and less stress with your partner on this journey to conceive?   Then a fertility doula is for you!  Light as a Feathers fertility doula support individuals and couples trying to conceive through holistic therapies, lifestyle coaching, patient advocacy and education.


Our fertility coaching takes an holistic approach to making lifestyle changes to increase fertility. Throughout the 3 month program, you will learn to track your cycle and create everyday ritual to be more in tune with the natural ebb and flow of hormones. Meditation, breathing  techniques and journal prompts to reduce stress, increase pleasure, and clear mental and emotional blockages in the minds body and spirit.  Coaching also includes nutritional support like food and herbal supplement suggestions.


Holistic Therapies

We also offer holistic therapies that work well independently or to compliment IVF. Our therapies help you to reconnect your bodies natural ability to heal. The most sought after therapy is  Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming is an herbal tea blend that employs stream into the porous tissue of the vulva to rejuvenate and heal the reproductive system.  Womb Reiki is an energy medicine practice that heals on a spiritual, emotional level to clear any energetic blockages that may have developed in this lifetime or ancestrally. We also offer clay wraps, an herbal blend that heals the hollow organs of the reproductive system.


Advocacy and Education

If you are choosing to go through IVF or IUI, fertility coaching can help support you in finding and gaining clarity around all of your fertility options, navigating the health care system, and to hold space to process heavy emotions, big decisions and all fertility outcomes.


Fertility Doula Coaching Packages

This support package includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment to better understand your current situation and personal goals (90 mins)
  • Bi-weekly in-person or video chat  on progress (60 mins)
  • 4 holistic therapy sessions
  • “What’s Next?” session to debrief, review options, and make decisions
  • Unlimited email contact during contracted time

3 month program starts at $400

Book a free 30 min Clarity Call here to see if having a Fertility Doula is right for you!




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