The Cervix: The Heart of the Reproductive System


My life’s work as a womb healer has awakened my imagination and spiritual insight to see our reproductive system as more than a set of organs that give birth to physical life (Scroll to the bottom if you’re interested in becoming a womb healer). Like every other bodily function, each part of our sacred space plays an intricate role in how we process the information on a spiritual and emotional level.  Creating a relationship with our organs and body functions at a deeper level creates space for deep healing and understanding of ourselves in relationship to the rest of the world. In this article, we will take a look at the cervix and its relationship to the heart, deep emotions, and sexual healing.

The Basics:

The cervix is a narrow neck-like canal at the bottom of the uterus (womb).  When looking at the cervix through the vaginal canal; using a light, a mirror and if necessary a speculum (these are used mostly at the OB/Gyn, but can be purchased for home use here) you will see a button like tissue with a small hole in the center. The Cervix is a little over an inch long and about an inch wide.  This muscle tissue is what separates the vaginal canal and the womb. Physically, the most action you’ll see with a healthy cervix is during childbirth when the cervix is thinned and stretched to 10 cm in circumference to birth a baby, and during menstruation when old uterine lining makes its way out of the uterus.  Disorders of the Cervix include Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia. All these disorders are confirmed through abnormal pap smears autopsy’s.

You’ve Got Me Feeling Emotions

The Cervix tucked deep down at the end of the vaginal canal, is a reflexology point to the heart, and carries many of the same energetic characteristics of the heart chakra. Think about penetrative sex. Deep penetration that reaches down to the cervix takes a lot of trusts, vulnerability, and openness between you and yourself or between you and a partner.  People have experienced powerful orgasms through cervical stimulation, but deep sexual traumas are also stored within this space. As a sexual assault survivor myself, receiving penetrative sex from my current partner is a constant journey of self-healing.  Giving my partner consent and giving my body permission to be open to penetration has given me the freedom to explore my sexual traumas as they come up and release them through sexual energy. It is not an easy task and I highly suggest seeking guidance from a sexual health counselor*  and doing this work either solo or with a partner you feel completely safe with. The heart chakra and our cervix are mirrors of the vulnerability, openness, and compassion that we carry for ourselves within our sexual healing journey When we heal our cervix we become rooted in the sovereignty of our own bodies, our sexuality, and our relationships with others.

The  Gatekeeper

If our womb is the portal from the spiritual world to the physical, the cervix is the gatekeeper. Just as the heart chakra is the transition point from the physical body to the light body, the cervix transitions light bodies to the physical realm. You might have heard the phrase “We are our ancestors wildest dreams” and well, we do give birth to those dreams.  When we tap into that ancestral DNA sewn into the chromosomes within our womb, we give birth to a new light energy of revolutions, resistance, and generational healing. Childbirth is the physical re-manifestation of our ancestors and the cervix is the doorway to their solar return. As a full spectrum doula I have worked with many women during the postpartum time process of their cesarean birth story. Many of them had cesareans because their cervix would not dilate during labor. Processing the birth through art, reiki, and platica, we find trauma around sex, paternal relationships; and disharmony of the emotional and physical body.  These therapies helped both conception and dilation during labor during the next birth.

A Time to Heal: Become a Womb Warrior

There are many therapies that can help heal the emotional energetic bodies of the cervix; and in doing so can be preventative measures to physical diseases, increase fertility, and better birth outcomes. Light as a Feather offers workshops and classes for those ready to begin their journey in the healing arts and energy medicine! If you are ready to become the healer and lightworker you were meant to be, Join our mailing list for upcoming classes and workshops


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