Prenatal Coaching: Support before the Labor Room

Prenatal Coaching

Prenatal Coaching and childbirth Education

In my years of holding space for laboring women to roar, moan and contract their babies into the world, I have learned that most of the work around childbirth is done before you go into labor.  My role as a doula starts months before your first true contractions just like your journey into motherhood starts years before you get to hold your baby in your arms. Light as a Feather Prenatal Wellness Coaching supports the birthing person holistically incorporating elements of emotional/ spiritual insight, physical health support and reframing of beliefs and biases.

In  the three month program we will explore preparations of childbirth with topics like birth plans, childbirth education, navigating hospital systems with evidence based birth practices and self advocacy, and comfort measures for you and your support system.  We will also examine and strengthen your self care routine with tools and techniques that support you through motherhood and beyond. Topics of interpersonal relationships and sexuality may also come up if its right for your personal journey.

As a coach, advocate and support person, I play a non biased role in helping you achieve your perinatal wellness goals, prepare for an empowering and safe childbirth experience, and live a more mindful and whole life.  Prenatal Wellness Coaching is a service that works with labor doula services or by its self!


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