Ovulation Phase: Holistic Support during the Cycles of your Womb

Ovulation Phase

How to best support the Womb Phases

Next to our period, the ovulation phase for many women is the time we plan for the most especially when it comes to family planning.  We are either planning around ovulation to try to get pregnant or avoid it, or if you suffer from a chronic illness like Endometriosis or PCOS your ovulation may be a time that might be just as painful as your period. Ovulation is also a time where you may feel the most out going, and fertile with new ideas and projects.  So lets talk a little about how you can most optimize your self care and wellness routine around your ovulation.

So what’s going on?

Between day 7 and 11 of your cycle, a rise in estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulated by the pituitary gland matures one follicle in the ovary which is release through the Fallopian tube. This egg moves down into the uterus and cushioned in a bed of uterine lining created by the estrogen. During this time your cervix sits a little higher up within the vaginal canal and is slightly opened. Your vaginal canal  is also more open and spacious as the vagina creates slippery fertile mucus that is made to assist the passage of sperm into the uterus to meet the egg.

Your Inner Full Moon

The Ovulation phase is associated with the Full Moon. Wether you ovulate during the celestial full moon or not this is the time you carry more receptive energy, so you may be more open to giving and receiving nurturing support. With the rise of estrogen, causing an increase in left-hemisphere activity you may experience a boost of creativity, mental sharpness, and greater communication skills. You also tend to be much more outgoing and upbeat with high energy so this is the best time to be more social. If you are in a romantic relationship this would be the best time to talk through relationship goals, and future plans. If you are single plan a date, romantic or otherwise, this is best time to meet new people! As testosterone also climbs the charts with your other hormones, you may find your libido has increased and a natural interest in sex. Take advantage of those orgasmic healing powers and get yours sis!



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