Dear Angel Baby: An Open letter to my Baby in Heaven


“…The pleasure for the observer, the beholder, is an invisible current between the two, observed and observer, beheld and beholder,  and I believe that no life is complete, no life is really whole, without this invisible current, which is in many ways a definition of love.” -Jamaica Kincaid The Autobiography of my Mother

To my Angel Baby,

I  wanted to observe you grow into the person you are to be, to watch you live a life of purpose/your birth right. To witness your smile, to wipe away your tears to help you process life’s lessons. To hold space for you to light up a room and grow into your god given gifts. Until I am blessed to be that for you, I find solace in being watched over by you. Knowing that through the looking glass of the cosmos you are holding space for me as I continue to grow in my gifts, heal past my ego and fears, and find peace with the world I move in. You taught me what its like to be whole in the experience of loss and uncertainty/ to experience you in my  body even for a few weeks/ the power of transparency and for that I am in absolute gratitude. Until we can meet again in the physical form, I look forward to hugging you in lucid dreams and playing with you in the invisible current of our Love.

With Love,


Dear Angel Baby

An open letter to process pregnancy loss


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