Mother Daughter Mothers Day Activities in Denver


No Ordinary Mother-Daughter Spa Experience

As Daughters, our Mothers mean the world to us, and Mothers feel the same way about us! If curating a mother-daughter experience that facilitates bonding, celebrates womanhood, and pampers you in a holistic spa experience something you are looking for this Mother’s Day, a Yoni Steam Party is for you!


What is Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming aka Vaginal Steaming is a non-invasive service in which we use an herbal tea blend to employ steam to gently rejuvenate and heal the vulva, vaginal canal, and womb space. There are so many benefits to Yoni steaming on a physical healing level including removing of old uterine lining, gentle cleansing of the vaginal canal and cervix, and a preventive measure for fibroids and cyst, while also increasing fertility. The ritual of Yoni Steaming spiritually connects our cycle to the moon phases, increases our intuition, and balances the root and sacral chakra. The act of using steam to open the pores and blood vessels of our sacred space helps to open us up to deep healing of emotional wounds as well as re-awaken us to ancestral healing wisdom.  Read more here..


What to expect in  a Yoni Steaming Party

Yoni Steam Party is conducted much like a small womens healing circle. When all the guest have arrived (between 2-5), we begin the ceremony with a oracle card pull and a guided meditation to ground us into our bodies and set the intention for the spa service. We will then move into our 40 minute yoni steam and optional service add ons. Extra services during your steam can include snacks and libations, massage, tarot readings and or limpia.

Yoni steam parties are a great for mothers day activity,  birthday or bridal shower parties! For the month of May, you can get 10% off your yoni steam party using promo code “MOTHERSDAY22” at check out!


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Mother Daughter Mothers Day Activities in Denver

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Begin your Womb Healing Journey

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