Luteal Phase: Holistic Support during the Cycles of your Womb

Luteal Phase

Luteal Phase Holistic Support

The Luteal phase for many people with wombs can be the hardest, longest phase to get through as hormonal levels slowly decline and PMS, PMDD symptoms begins to arise. Although chronic illnesses like these may never go away, lifestyle medicines  can help manage the symptoms. Self compassion, taking life at a slower pace and listening to your bodies needs is the best place to find your center through these hormonal changes. In this blog, I’ll give you suggestions to best support your mind body and spirit during the Luteal phase of your cycle.

So what’s really going on?

During the next 10 to 14 days your hormones, which were just at their peak during Ovulation make a slow drastic decline. Estrogen and progesterone work together to thicken the uterine lining and keeping it in place for the expected fertilized embryo. PMS And PMDD are common reactions to high estrogen levels in relation to progesterone. The first part of this phase your energy level are higher and slowly recede going into the second half of the phase. Irritability, fatigue, migraines and bloating may be experiences 3, 7 or 10 days prior to your period. On the plus side your brain chemistry is set up in such a way that bringing task to a close and being detailed oriented will be an added strength.

Your Inner Fall

The Luteal phase is associated with the Fall Season, this is a time for clearing, removing and organizing to prepare for the inner reflection of the Winter cycle (Menstrual Phase). Activities like Epsom Salt baths, Journaling, getting more sleep and restorative exercise like walking, pilates and yin yoga can help release tension, increase magnesium levels (Epsom salt), and shift through strong emotions that may arise. Breast massage is also a helpful in managing premenstrual symptoms like breast pain and tenderness. Our Breast Oil is made with essential oil infused olive oil that help increase circulation, detox the lymph nodes to prevent congestion.

Herbal support during this phase includes

Vitex to boost Progesterone

Ginger to Detox, and reduce bloating

Burdock to cleanse liver and remove excess hormones

Ashawaganda to reduce stress


An Everyday practice during this time would be to do a full body check in before starting the day, at lunch and before you retire for bed. Connect with your breathe and scan your physical and emotional bodies from head to toe. With curiosity and an open mind, feel any fatigue, nervousness, agitation, tightness or bloated feelings. What emotions come up for you? With this new found body wisdom, ask your body what it needs right now, and to the best of your ability with the resources at hand honor those needs. Maybe its setting a boundary with someone in your personal life, grabbing a snack or fitting in a quick nap or yoga nidra. You are your bodies biggest ally during this time and at all times.



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