Life Cycles Ceremony for Women and Femmes


Women and people with wombs move through this world in cycles. Our inner cycles are regulated through hormones that wax and wane from ovulation to our periods and back. We cycle from shedding who we thought we were to finding ourselves again just to release and reclaim another time. These cycles define us and free us from labels all at once, they ground us in our truth and allow us to fly in our purpose. If cycles are the vehicle that transports us from one version of ourselves to another then ceremony is the roadmap that guides us there. Ceremony has been prevalent in human history since the beginning of time. Ceremony has guided humanity by being the vessel for the divine to move through us as we come of age for what life has in store for us next. Women’s Ceremonies can support us in many aspects of our lives, from Menarche to Menopause to falling back in love with ourselves or before embarking on life-changing events like childbirth or marriages. Here are a few important cycles in a woman’s life in which ceremony can support her:

Menarche Rituals

Menarche is the first menstrual cycle in a young woman’s life. This time has been long celebrated by mothers, aunties, and older sisters of the young woman as they come together and pour into her affirmation love and guidance. Menarche ceremony helps to guide the young person in strengthening her intuition and inner guidance system as well helping her see the beauty and strength of femmehood!


Bridal Shower Ceremony Rituals

Coming together to shower the bride to be in gifts and love is a very popular way to celebrate a woman right before her big day! Throwing a small ceremony before the wedding in which the bride honors herself as a whole person within the marriage can encourage her to always remain true, remember her own goals and dreams, and know she always has a village of support that both her and her partner can lean on.


Blessingway Rituals

Blessingways are ceremonies that honor, uplift, and shower the mother to be with words of encouragement and protection. Childbirth is a portal into motherhood that mothers can be unpredictable and intense. Creating a ceremony in which the mother can release fears, and feel supported by her loved ones and community is empowering!


Crone Ceremony 

Growing old is a blessing! In our society unfortunately there is a lot of shame and fear around it. Holding ceremonies and rituals for women as they move into their crone years can help women stand firm and confident in their newfound wisdom and increase feelings of joy and gratitude for life!


Host A Women’s Ceremony in Denver 

Are you or someone you love embarking on a milestone similar to the ones we mentioned above. Give her the gift of spiritual, communal, and emotional support by hosting a women’s circle and ceremony.  Book a FREE Clarity Call to begin planning the perfect ceremony for the special woman in your life!


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