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Follicular Phase

The Follicular Phase: Holistic support during the cycles of your Womb

How to best support your mind body and spirit Aunty Flo has finally packed her bags went back from wherever she came from until her next monthly trip. Maybe...

The Cervix: The Heart of the Reproductive System

My life's work as a womb healer has awakened my imagination and spiritual insight to see our reproductive system as more than a set of organs that give birth to physical life (Scroll...
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What Should My Vagina Smell Like? How to Take Care of Your Vaginal Flora for Ultimate health and Wellbeing

It's time to set the record straight when it comes to our vaginal hygiene. Vaginas are indeed suppose to have a smell. That smell won't remind you of a tropical fruit smoothie, or...

Letting Go of Self Judgement: How to Step Into Our Gifts Despite Internal Criticism

Have you ever found yourself steeped deeply in the creative juices of your passion, floating on the imagery of what success would feel like to you? The heart flutters of oxytocin pumping through...

Yoni Steaming and the Energetic Healing of Our Sacred Space

There are so many benefits to Yoni steaming on a physical healing level. The ritual of a monthly vaginal steaming includes removing of old uterine lining, gentle cleansing of the vaginal canal and...

The Self Care Guide to Nurturing the Nuturer

As a recovering over-nurturer I know all to well the void of taking care of others before myself. The false belief that my emotional wellbeing is undeserving of the love and affection that...

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