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Yoni Eggs Vs Ben Wa Balls for Vaginal Wellness

Hi my name is Celeste and I've peed myself as an adult. One of the most embarrasing times was when I was only 20, so like barely an adult but old enough to...
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Womb Reiki: Energy Medicine for the Female Reproductive System

In all the ways we are stuck, hurt, traumatized, and grieving is held energetically in the uterus and the pelvic bowl. As women  we carry our heaviest emotions in this space and when...
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Miscarriage and Abortion Doulas: How we show up

As a doula, its most common for people to see our role in the narrow scope of non-medical labor support.  That our work is only for healthy middle class women who carried, their...
Luteal Phase

Luteal Phase: Holistic Support during the Cycles of your Womb

Luteal Phase Holistic Support The Luteal phase for many people with wombs can be the hardest, longest phase to get through as hormonal levels slowly decline and PMS, PMDD...
Follicular Phase

The Follicular Phase: Holistic support during the cycles of your Womb

How to best support your mind body and spirit Aunty Flo has finally packed her bags went back from wherever she came from until her next monthly trip. Maybe...

The Cervix: The Heart of the Reproductive System

My lifes work as a womb healer has awakened my imagination and spiritual insight to see our reproductive system as more than a set of organs that give birth to physical life. Like...

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